Frequently Asked Questions

I am active duty/retired Military, LE, or First Responder, do you offer a discount?

For active duty or retired Military, LE, and First Responders, we offer 10% off of our Skinny Rigs, A2Z holsters, and single magazine pouches only. We require proof of active or retired service that can be sent to us via email prior to ordering or after you have placed your order. If you send proof prior to ordering, we will send you a coupon to use, after you order we can adjust your invoice for the discount.

This offer does not combine with any other offers we run.

What are the differences in the sweat guard?

Our full guard covers the majority of the backside of the weapon, from the magazine release, to the top of the slide, over the rear sight, and down the slide. This offers the most protection between the gun and you and is our standard cut on dealer holsters.

The combat cut is our full sweat guard with one simple modification. We clear the sweat guard from the thumb notch area on your firearm to help aid in the grip. That’s it.

Will the holster harm my guns finish?

Yes and no, but mainly yes. All holsters of any kind or material will blemish a guns finish. Strictly speaking, if you don’t want to harm the look of your gun, you probably won’t carry it in a holster of any kind. Furthermore, you probably won’t use that gun either, so if a perfect looking gun is your thing, then keep it in the safe.

Ok, I understand the finish may be harmed. What do you do to minimize the wear and tear on the gun then?

We spend a lot of time in preparation to ensure that our molds and custom build setups will minimally grab and rub against the firearm, while at the same time ensuring for a proper fit that doesn’t rattle or shake while the weapon is holstered.

The amount of retention we aim to achieve is a proper amount of grab where a direct jolt or force won’t move the weapon, while at the same time a quick smooth draw will bring the weapon out.

What is your gun holster lead time and can you guarantee it?

Please check the front page of the website for the current lead time. All lead times are subject to change at any time and cannot be guaranteed.

Custom holsters can be a tricky beast, and some builds require more testing or more setup than others. We aim for the lead time window, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. We do apologize ahead of time if it does, but keep in mind that we take your satisfaction in our product and service as our number one and two priorities, and sometimes in order to make a product you will love, we may have to take a bit longer to build which can affect our service.

My holster from XYZ company snaps loudly when I holster the weapon. Yours doesn’t. Why?

A lot of holsters you buy from many companies use thinner Kydex and lack retention adjustment capability. In light of these two things, they need to build the holster in such a way that it will sufficiently and safely grab the firearm, and this is usually achieved through an aggressive retention notch on the trigger.

Where we can, we strictly use .093 Kydex or Boltaron for our holsters to achieve the right amount of durability in our products to ensure a long life for the holster. When using thicker plastics, overly aggressive retention notches can cause overly aggressive retention, which can in turn interfere with both holstering and drawing the weapon cleanly.

The amount of retention we aim to achieve is a proper amount of grab where a direct jolt or force won’t move the weapon, while at the same time a quick smooth draw will bring the weapon out without any catching or snapping during the draw.

I picked the wrong option on accident, what do I need to do to replace the holster I received?

Please read our Return and Refund Policy for more information.

I bought a new gun, will you swap my old holster out for a new one for my new gun?


I have a holster and need it to fit a different gun. Will you modify my holster to fit this gun?


I have a custom idea for a setup I want to carry and wish to discuss it with you. Is this something you do?

At this time no. We only offer our stock options.

What service do you use for your shipping?


We ship through USPS via their First Class Package service. Typically shipping times are 3-5 days depending on your location. If your holster is time sensitive or if you have extra requirements for shipping, please contact us before we ship your item to ensure we get it to you properly. Additional charges may apply.


We typically ship USPS International Priority or First Class. Additional fees will apply.

I have a coupon from your previous website.

Please contact us before placing your order. We’ll confirm that the coupon is still valid and apply it on our end.

I need to cancel an order with you guys, how do I do it?

Email us with your Order # and the reason for cancellation. Please refer to our cancellation policy for more information.